Cake Prices

Basic Buttercream Cakes

 All cakes and available in our cupcakes flavors and fillings. All prices are subject to change without notice. Included in the price below is the cake flavor and filling of your choice, as well as standard decoration.
Custom, tiered, sculpted, and wedding cakes are priced according to size, type, and level of difficulty.  All custom cake orders require 2 week notice.


Round Buttercream cakes Prices


8-10 people
$ 35.50 +Ta
$ 45.25 +Tax
$ 75.50 +Tax
$ 95.25 +Tax

Tres Leches Cakes


8-10 people
$ 45.50 +Ta
$ 55.25 +Tax
$85.50 +Tax
$ 110.25 +Tax

*We collect sales taxes on all our products 


 Individual cupcake are $2.75
Half Dozen $16
Dozen cupcakes $27.50
Dozen Mini cupcakes $15.50 

Sugar Cookies

Dozen decorated sugar cookies start at $30

Cake Pops

dozen cake pops start at $25

Frenquently Asked Questions

  1. What are our hours of operation?
    Monday- Saturday 11:00 am-6:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am -5:00 pm
  2. Can I order online?
    No, but you can submit your information to get a quote
  3. Do you have cakes I can just pick up or do I have to place an order?  Unfortunately, we do not have cakes on hand; all our products are bake to order. It is best to call ahead several days in advance to order your cake.
  4. Do you deliver your products?
    We do make deliveries for orders in the Fairfax and Prince William area in most cases. These must be scheduled ahead of time, and within a 30 min window. Wedding cakes must be delivered by special personnel whose time must be reserved for bridal cake customers.
  5. Can I still get a cake today?
    We need at least 7 days for standard cakes or cupcakes, custom cakes require at least 14 days.
  6. Can I get a wedding cake for this weekend?
     We probably can create a large round or sheet cake for you on that short of notice. But, because of their complexity, there is a 30 day minimum on placing an order for any tiered cake.
  7. What is your general refund policy?
    If you are not happy with any product, please do not accept the product, or consume it, once it is accepted or consumed we cannot issue a refund. If for any reason you are unhappy with the final product let us know before you accept it, and we will try to fix it the best we can.

Product Info

  • All of our cakes are two layers, except for the sheet      cakes
  • All products should be stored in air-tight containers 
  • Cupcakes and cakes should be fine within 24 hours of      purchase
  • Only refrigerate if storing longer than 24 hours,      except products with cream cheese, which should always be refrigerated
  • All cakes should be taken out of the fridge two hours      before serving for best flavor
  • Please note that although a product may not contain      nuts, all items are made in a kitchen that handles nuts
  • All our items contain eggs.
  • Our items are not suitable for vegans unless otherwise stated (see our menu for GF Items)
  • All our products contain gluten 

Don't know what size cake you need?

The Chart below will help make you pick the right size for your special occasion

Click on a file to download.